15th April 2007

The PDF and the PDB are now here.
Download PDF
Download PDB

This is my first time converting anything into this format and I can't test it, so please let me know if there are any problems, comments, suggestions. Sorry it took so long.

Also, as many of you noticed, we had some issues about a week ago and the site went down for a bit. Expired domains and service contracts and such. With the turnover of staff, we had some trouble getting it sorted. But it's all better now, and the ugliness is behind us. Here's to a better, brighter future! FORWARD, MARCH!

25 March 2007

The newest episode Out of Focus is up in html version. PDF and PDB coming soon. Thanks for your patience.

24 January 2007

ere is our most recent promo banner, this time for our newest story, Out of Focus. The episode goes live sometime in February, while we try to get back on track. Out of Focus is an intense story about our favorite crew. Make sure to check it out when it airs, and feel free to discuss it on the forum boards.

03 October 2006
Season 2 hiatus is still ongoing - but there is a bit of news. The writing team is coming back together, and we will be re-activating the forums later today. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

31 July 2006
Not much in the way of news - but due to many factors, Season 2 is on haitus for a bit. We're busy gettin' back in the saddle, so keep an eye out for new episodes coming your way!

23 June 2006

16 June 2006

As of now each and every episode should have a working PDF and PDB file attached to it. Please let me know if you find any more that are amiss. Please see the episode guide for links to all these nifty files.

15 June 2006

Two things: First off, the episode guide has been updated with a few additions. I have started converting old episodes to PDB format - which is the ebook format for Palm handheld devices. Episodes 201-208 are up there now.

Secondly: I just couldn't wait to release this one. Episode 2x11 - Shadow is now online. :) Weigh in on it in the forums, and if you find any problems, feel free to email me.

14 June 2006

2x11 - Shadow Preview

31 May 2006

Episode 2x10 - Companion is now online!
That's right, the latest episode of the Virtual Season 2 is now available for your reading pleasure. If you spot any web-format issues, please email me at webmaster@firefly-tvs.com and I'll try to sort them out post-haste. (Be gentle with me. ^_^)

25 May 2006

2x10 - Companion Preview

19th May 2006
Hi all
Episode 2x09 He Ain't Heavy is now online!
This is a great episode by Aliasspiral and LiteraryLemming, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Also we want to thank Sophie Richard who has expanded her role to become a new Series Producer, Sophie has been invaluable to Mich and myself as Dialogue Editor and her input as a writer and producer. And we'd like to welcome to the team our new webmaster! Kendall Jung is taking over the nuts and bolts and it could not be appreciated more.

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